Events on CSR or Hermes-OSR project

5th European Hermes-OSR conference - Paris, Tour CIT Montparnasse 15/12/2009

HERMES-OSRHermes-OSR 5th European conference.

Paris, Tour CIT Montparnasse - ESCEM, 15 December 2009, organised by ESCEM, IAS and Les Amis de FLA. This public event is freely accessible upon prior registration and takes place on the afternoon from 14h00 to 16h30 and is followed by a drink reception to facilitate networking and preparing future joint collaborations.

This conference will present the results in terms of the 4 training modules of the HERMES project as well as plans for the Hermes-OSR label development and future exploitation and dissemination perspectives. It represents the closing conference of the Hermes-OSR project and at the same time the launch of the deployment of the results and Hermes-OSR training solution for 2010 and beyond.


The programme of the public conference is as follow:


For any further information, please feel free to contact Sophie Doyer at ESCEM