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Events on CSR or Hermes-OSR project

27th IAS Summer University - 27-28 August 2009 St-Etienne - France

IASThe 27th IAS Summer University takes place in St Etienne on 27th and 28th August 2009 on the theme "SOCIAL AUDIT AND QUALITY OF LIFE AT WORK".

In these times of economic crisis, the issue of competitiveness is so pregnant in the minds of private and public leaders that the master-word targets, productivity, responsiveness, flexibility, quality of service are privileged to the detriment of the quality of life at work. We propose this year to involve social auditors to streamline our work on the themes:


  • Social auditing and management of health and safety at work
  • Social audit and age management
  • Social audit and social dialogue
  • Social audit and disability and quality of life at work
  • Ethics and social audit.

The key ambitions of this IAS Summer University focuse on:

  • The analysis of various situations by ensuring the link between theory and practice,
  • The concern to understand and interpret the facts,
  • The recommendations and even concrete contributions action lines propositions to improving the quality of life at work 
  • ...

IAS is a partner of the Hermes-OSR project.

A presentation of the Hermes-OSR project illustrating the reinforcement of the link between Theory and Practice was made during a dedicated seminar on Hermes-OSR at the IAS Symposium.

In parallel to the conference, a Hermes-OSR technical committee took place. 

For more information on the Hermes-OSR activities during or in parallel to the IAS conference, please contact François SILVA.

For more information: IAS website

N.B.: most of the conference was in French. Participants were able to ask question in English.

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