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Hermes-OSR Accreditation Committee - Accreditation Committee structure

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The structure of the accreditation body is defined by the Hermes-OSR business partners (also called “Hermes-OSR body”). The decision on the composition of the Accreditation Committee is obtained by a simple majority vote (with a predominant role of FLA’s vote in case of equality).
The Accreditation Committee members are selected amongst invited experts (as part of the capacity building framework explained in the Hermes-OSR Charter). The Accreditation Committee is composed of:

  • 1 representative of FLA 
  • 1 representative of MAC-Team
  • 1 representative of JEUNE, the European association of young entrepreneurs (or represented via the European University-Enterprise network in which they are active members as well as UEAPME.
  • 1 representative of RENAR, the unique and formal accreditation body of Romania (it also has an international scope recognition)
  • Minimum 3 European experts, at least from to 2 countries (to be identified in due course with the support of IAS, Les Amis de FLA and the original partners of the Hermes-OSR project). Initially called to the Hermes-OSR Accreditation Committee as experts:
    • Francois Mancy – former President of the French National Association of Human Resources Directors - ANDRH , and Médiateur at the Mutualité Française .
    • Dimitar Matev – General Director of the Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy - BILSP
    • Jacques Igalens –, Professor at the University of Toulouse  and Honorary President of the International Institute of Social Audit - IAS  and of the French speaking association of Human Resources Management - AGRH .
  • Minimum 1 expert from a country outside the European Union (to be confirmed: Professor Guido Palazzo ).
  • Possibility: one seat for a representative a European trade-union.
  • Possibility to add one seat for a representative of a related NGO.

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