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Hermes-OSR Accreditation Committee

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OSR 4 Accreditation logoThe accreditation of a training offer under the Hermes-OSR Label means that a trainee following a corresponding training seminar will be in a position to acquire skills, knowledge and competences in line the Hermes-OSR framework.

A training organisation which wants to receive the Hermes-OSR accreditation for one of its training offer has to fulfil the Hermes-OSR Charter and follow the Hermes-OSR Labellisation process. The Hermes-OSR Charter defines the rules and conditions of the accreditation.
This accreditation is based on an independent and impartial accrediting committee. This Hermes-OSR accreditation Committee is a multi-stakeholders committee and is ruled as well by the Hermes-OSR Charter.The structure of the accreditation body is defined by the Hermes-OSR business partners (also called “Hermes-OSR body”). The decision on the composition of the Accreditation Committee is obtained by a simple majority vote (with a predominant role of FLA’s vote in case of equality).

The Hermes-OSR Accreditation Committee is:

The accreditation of a training offer is limited in time: up to three years. Accreditation needs to be renewed in front of the Accreditation Committee.
In parallel to the accreditation, the quality and the content of the reference Hermes-OSR training solution is validated by FLA on a continuous basis and in an independent way.

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