Hermes-OSR Label

Contact details for the Hermes-OSR Label

As in any labellisation process or structured process, there is a part of procedure which we cannot escape. Hermes-OSR partners tried to make as straight forward as possible. Please help us simplify the procedure, any feedback is welcome!

To support you in the process of getting the Hermes-OSR Label, several contact points have been implemented and you may refer to them to get information about the procedure and services or about other training organisations.

Please do not forget as well to consult the Hermes-OSR Charter which is an important document in the Labellisation process.

Access to the certified trainees is restricted and their personal contact details cannot be directly published to preserve their privacy testimonials of a few contact details can be provided upon request).

In the following pages of the present article you have informaiton on the contact points and roles of the different Hermes-OSR actors:

The Hermes-OSR Administrative Secretariat is piloted by MAC-Team aisbl the Multi-Actors Cooperation European network and the contact person is Yves Boisselier.
The role of the Administrative secretariat is:

The Hermes-OSR Accreditation Committee Secretariat is piloted by the FLA – Fair Labor Association Europe, and the contact point is Sabrina Bosson.
The role of the Accreditation Committee is to:

The two initial organisations which have been considered as qualified to provide support and coaching in relation to the preparation to Hermes-OSR labellisation are:

The list of recommended organisations able to provide accompanying support to training organisations in the preparation of their Hermes-OSR labellisation will be updated and more information can be obtained at the Administrative Secretariat.

The following training organisations have been involved in the development of the Hermes-OSR training solution and its pilot implementation:
•    APG - Portuguese Association of Human Resource Managers, Portugal
•    BILSP - Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy, Bulgaria
•    ESCEM - Ecole Supérieure de Commerce et de Management de Tours / Poitiers, France
•    NBU - New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria
•    UAL - Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa, Portugal
•    University of Craïova, Romania
A first series of organisations to which an Hermes-OSR training offer has been accredited, is as follow:


which have an accredited training offer on the following modules,
and which are entitled to deliver corresponding certificates to the trainees:

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4










University of Craïova



New training organisation (outside Hermes-R initial partnership):

MRC – Romanian Movement for Quality