Hermes-OSR Label

Introduction to Hermes-OSR Labellisation

OSR 3 accredited training moduletrainne certificate for OSR 3 -unit 5This section on “Hermes-OSR Label" and "Hermes-OSR Labellisation process” is to be used jointly with the “Hermes-OSR Charter”.

The Hermes-OSR Label is a result of the Hermes-R project supported by the European Leonardo da Vinci programme to deploy Social Responsibility approaches in organisations and especially in SMEs.

This Hermes-OSR Label is an integrated part of the (action-)training solution Hermes-OSR, which includes:

The present section deals with the labellisation of a Hermes-OSR training delivered on the market by a training organisation (which can be public, private; recognised or not by the training and education authorities of a country; etc.). Two other steps in terms of accreditation will be developed further on as the Hermes-OSR Community and network are developing in terms of resources: the accreditation of trainers and the accreditation of training organisations as such.

The Hermes-OSR Charter and the Hermes-OSR Labellisation process documents are available in the Hermes-OSR public Library.