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Hermes-OSR Label

Introduction to Hermes-OSR Labellisation

OSR 3 accredited training moduletrainne certificate for OSR 3 -unit 5This section on “Hermes-OSR Label" and "Hermes-OSR Labellisation process” is to be used jointly with the “Hermes-OSR Charter”.

The Hermes-OSR Label is a result of the Hermes-R project supported by the European Leonardo da Vinci programme to deploy Social Responsibility approaches in organisations and especially in SMEs.

This Hermes-OSR Label is an integrated part of the (action-)training solution Hermes-OSR, which includes:

  • A series of training materials designed into 4 modules and units (for each module: a syllabus, a set of slides and pedagogical guidelines).
  • Some intranet and learning repository facilities linked to the present website under specific access rights, to support the community of trainers/coaches and users.
  • A label, supported by several stakeholders of the economic and civil society, to ensure that the training delivered by an organisation and using the Hermes-OSR approach will follow quality criteria in terms of content and delivery conditions.
  • An accreditation process of the label: Training organisations can apply to receive an accredition for one of their training offer based on the Hermes-OSR training solution (it can be for one or all the four Hermes-OSR training modules). The accreditation is delivered by the Hermes-OSR Accreditation Committee after assessment of the request made by the training organisation.
  • A certificate delivered by the trainer of an accredited training offer to the participants and based on participation and results to the tests during/after the training. Each module and unit of the modules has been defined in terms of Skills, Competences and Knowledge that a trainee can get after participating to a training process. This definition is based on the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) and the European Qualification Framework (EQF) to facilitate further integration with national and European job qualification recognition systems.

The present section deals with the labellisation of a Hermes-OSR training delivered on the market by a training organisation (which can be public, private; recognised or not by the training and education authorities of a country; etc.). Two other steps in terms of accreditation will be developed further on as the Hermes-OSR Community and network are developing in terms of resources: the accreditation of trainers and the accreditation of training organisations as such.

The Hermes-OSR Charter and the Hermes-OSR Labellisation process documents are available in the Hermes-OSR public Library.

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