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Labels & Certification related to CSR and OSR

Hermes-OSR Label

OSR 3 training moduleOSR 3 accredited trainingCertificate OSR 3 unit5Certificate OSR 3 full moduleThe Hermes-OSR label is the result of the Hermes-OSR project supported in the framework of the European vocational Leonardo da Vinci programme.

The aim of this label is to define a quality framework for training offers on Social Responsibility with common background across Europe.

This framework ensures that a common level in terms of knowledge, skills and competences on OSR (Organisation Social Responsibility) is provided whatever the country, and enables the delivery of certificates to the trainees on a common basis which has been validated by international professional representatives.

The label is ruled by a the Hermes-OSR labellisation process and by the Hermes-OSR Charter.

Accreditations (governed by a multi-stakeholders Accreditation Committee) and Certifications (delivered by the trainers of an accredited Hermes-OSR training offer) are registered centrally by the Hermes-OSR Administrative Secretariat.

The four logos above are respectively indicating:

  1. Hermes-OSR training module on OSR 3
  2. Accredited training offer on Hermes-OSR training module 3 (generally to be used by a training organisation having a training offer accredited on Hermes-OSR training module 3.
  3. Certificate given to a trainee having passed the Hermes-OSR training module 3 unit 5.
  4. Certificate given to a trainee having passed the full Hermes-OSR training module 3 (or all the units of the module 3).

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