Hermes-OSR Training modules

Distribution channels of the Hermes-OSR training solution

Hermes-OSR ChannelsAs a result of the collaborative Leonardo da Vinci European project, the Hermes-OSR partners can deliver and re-use the training materials on their own as they want.
However, to ensure evolution and quality over time of the Hermes-OSR training solution, but even more, to develop a common European approach of Social Responsibility for SMEs, organisations and Human Resources actors, the Hermes-OSR partners build a Hermes-OSR label.

This Hermes-OSR label includes a labellisation process (together with an accompaniment and a learning process for the training organisations willing to use the Hermes-OSR training solution). The Hermes-OSR Label is supported by the Hermes-OSR Charter and leads to certificates delivery to the trainees. The labellisation process is governed by an Accredditation Committee which assess and validate the training offers of the training organisations in line with the Hermes-OSR label and the Hermes-OSR Charter.
These certificates correspond to the various modules and units of the Hermes-OSR training solution which has been designed taking into account the ECVET and EQF tools.

Two main channels for distribution and usage of the Hermes-OSR label and the Hermes-OSR training solution have been defined as indicated below:

Hermes-OSR Distribution channels