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CSR in Portugal

National Networks as a tool to develop OSR - The Portuguese case study

Portugal The national OSR networks can play a big role on develop the OSR approach into the companies and public administration.

Put together national and international firms, NGO(s), corporate bodies, public institutions, SME, universities and environmental bodies are a crucial issue to develop the several dimension of OSR.
With RSO Matrix Project - an EQUAL initiative - as a starting point, and with the cooperation of the 3th. Multistakeholders Forum on Social Responsibility, the Portuguese Network on OSR is now a reality.

Table of content:

  • Background and current situation
  • Country Description
  • International Conventions subscribed by the Country
  • CSR Overview
  • Bibliography


Source: part of an article published in "Management et Avenir", special issue on HERMES-OSR findings and results, by Luís Bento and Maria Helena André from UAL (Portugal) and by Patricia Oliviera from APG (Portugal).

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